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Rules for Ordering Water

Where to Place Water Orders

Orders for river water (direct flow or "free" water) and reservoir (storage) for delivery from The New Cache La Poudre Irrigating Company must be placed in the company office.

Methods of Order Placement

Orders may be placed in person at the office. The office hours during the delivery season are:

  • M-F 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Sat 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Orders may be placed by telephone at any time. An answering machine is available during times when no office personnel are available.

Orders may be placed through our online user portal at Order placement on line is secured by usernames and passwords. Contact the office for information.

Timing of Orders

Orders for Tuesday thru Sunday delivery must be placed by 1:00pm on the day before delivery is to begin. Orders for Monday delivery must be made by placed by Saturday at 1:00pm. The deadline of 1:00 pm is enforced.

Placing an Order

The following information must be given when placing a water order:

  • Name
  • Gate number
  • Amount of water desired
  • Duration of order
There are several hundred stockholders and tenants that are managed by this office. Please identify yourself and the water account involved to avoid confusion.
Gate number:
Each headgate is numbered. The number is usually painted on the headgate.
Amount of water desired:
The minimum order is one-half of a right. Under our delivery system a right is equal to 1 cubic foot per second (second foot) plus or minus shrink.

1 cubic foot per second (cfs) = 38.4 Miner's inches (CO)
1 cfs = 2 acre-feet/day
1 cfs = 449 gallon per minute

The water order must also be in one-quarter increments (i.e. .50, .75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.00, 2.25, etc.). If the delivery is to be made thru a pump the conversion from gallons per minute to rights must be made.
Duration of Order:
All orders for water are for a minimum of 24 hours. All water orders are in increments of 24 hours. When placing an order specify how many days you would like to take delivery of the water. This specification may be in number of days or by order type.
Number of Days:
Specify the number of days the water is to be delivered.
Open orders:
An open order is an order that will be delivered until either the order is changed or the canal goes out. If the canal goes out for any reason an open order will go out as well. To receive water again the order must be placed again. Open river water orders are NOT transferred over to reservoir orders.
Standing Orders:
A standing order is an order that will be delivered any time the canal is delivering water. If the canal goes out for any reason a standing order will stay in effect. When the canal comes back in water will be delivered as per the standing order. To stop receiving water the standing order must be terminated. Standing river water orders ARE transferred over to reservoir orders.
1.50 rights for 6 days starting Tuesday at gate 515 -> delivery of 1.50 rights will begin on Tuesday at headgate 515 and last for six days. The headgate will be closed on the next Monday.

1.50 rights "open" at gate 515 starting Tuesday -> delivery of 1.50 rights will begin on Tuesday at headgate 515 and continue until 1) the order is changed; 2) the canal goes out; 3) the switch is made from river or direct flow water to storage or reservoir water.

Starting Tuesday at gate 515 deliver a "standing" order of 1.50 rights -> delivery of 1.50 rights will begin on Tuesday and continue until the order is changed.

1.50 rights for 3 days starting Monday "standing" -> delivery of 1.50 rights will be delivered every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until the order is changed.

The Switch from River to Reservoir Delivery

River water orders and reservoir water orders are two separate categories. All river water orders are cancelled at the time of the switch to reservoir water unless specifically stated by placement of a standing order. All standing orders will be carried over to reservoir delivery.

When is the Water Delivered?

The water technicians "ride" the ditch each morning. Deliveries are started and ended at this time. The intent of the water tech is to be at a specific headgate at approximately the same time each morning. To determine the time of deliveries at your headgate contact the water tech.