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Measuring Water

Measuring Water in a Dividing Box

There are different characteristics to dividing boxes. Boxes come in all sizes. The usual picture of a dividing box shows the water being split into two parts. But dividing boxes can divide the water into multiple units.

To accurately measure and divide water thru a dividing box the following information is needed:

  • The width of each side of the box in inches.
  • The amount of water that is to be delivered thru each side of the box.

Side A Side B
Width: 48.0 inches Width: 24.0 inches
Order: 4.5 rights Order: 1.5 rights
  1. Divide the width of each side by the number of rights to be delivered in that side.

    1. Side A: 48.0 inches / 4.5 rights = 10.67 inches/right
    2. Side B: 24.0 inches / 1.5 rights = 16.0 inches/right

  2. Select the smallest of the resulting numbers (10.67 and 16.0).

  3. Multiply the selected number by the rights in each side.

    1. Side A: 10.67 inches/right X 4.5 rights = 48 inches
    2. Side B: 10.67 inches/right X 1.5 rights = 16 inches

  4. Set the boxes. The opening of Side A needs to be 48 inches wide. Side B needs to be 16 inches wide.

For boxes that split the water three ways you will have three calculations to make in part 1 (one for each opening). Select the smallest of the 3 numbers to use for the calculation in part 3. Set the boxes.