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When will the river water be in?

We don't know. The start of river water deliveries is based on the weather. We cannot predict when the snow pack will begin to melt.

How long will the river water last?

We don't know. The duration of the river water deliveries is based on the weather. We cannot predict when the snow pack will stop producing enough water to meet the water needs.

When will the ditch change over to reservoir deliveries?

We don't know. The factor that determines when the canal makes the switch to reservoir water is the river flows. This factor was addressed in the last question.

How much water do I need for my crops? I am buying a farm, is there enough water on it to farm with?

We don't know. The water demands for each farm are different. The water required for a farm is based on soil types, crop types, slope of land, weather, irrigation practices, and many other factors.

Should I irrigate my crops today or tomorrow?

We don't know. It is our opinion that you know what is best for your particular operation. And so all decisions about your operation are left to you.

Will there be rental water available later in the year and will it be cheaper? Should I rent water now or wait until I need it later in the year?

We don't know. The availability and cost of rental water is dependent on many factors including weather. We cannot predict the availability or cost of rental water.

What are my water shares worth?

We don't know. We are not appraisers; nor does The New Cache La Poudre Irrigating Company buy and sell the shares. We can tell you the delivery quota for the shares. Nearly all of the transfers of stock go "with the land" and we am not privy to the value set on the shares. The best option available to you is to contact a person who deals in water values.

Will it rain today?

We don't know.